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    With our Local SEO Services build local reputation through local business directories such as yellow pages , Yelp, The Chamber of Commerce and more.

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    MyLocalSeoGuy has been helping small businesses climb up the Google rankings for many years. Because we understands how Google works.

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    We provide PR Internet Marketing for our clients as a stand alone service. Searchable keywords makes it possible for customers to find you.

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  • local seo services

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Most businesses need to advertise in order to get new customers. The majority of traditional advertisement mediums are very unfocused, hitting wide demographics, a small minority of which might be interested in your products. Internet search marketing has changed this, with businesses able to directly target those who are searching for the products you provide. If you want to target these users, MyLocalSeoGuy provides affordable seo services to help small businesses grow on a budget.

SEO is basically the art of increasing the search engine rankings of a given website for a list of keywords. Generally speaking, this type of service generally costs less than the cost of paid search marketing such as Google Adwords. Plus people are much more likely to click on trusted organic search results than they are to click on advertisements. The primary search engine most people focus on is Google because it controls the lion’s share of the search market and its users tend to spend more money than users of other search engines.

MyLocalSeoGuy has been helping small businesses climb up the Google rankings for many years. This is because our company understands how Google works. There are two types of SEO that can be performed on a site. On page SEO refers to how to construct a web page to let Google know what it is about. Off page SEO is considerably harder and involves how the rest of the internet links to your site.

Our company has made substantial investments in the latest software technology that allows us to build numerous targeted links to your site, automatically.

This software can automatically create social bookmarks, blog comments, blog posts, wiki posts, and a variety of other links to increased your perceived authority in Google’s eyes. Because we have invested heavily in this technology, we have the economies of scale to provide your business with affordable seo services that will not break the bank.

MyLocalSeoGuy.com also knows that these tools must be used prudently so that a business’s site is not inadvertently penalized by sudden changes to the Google algorithm. Many SEO companies that built a lot of automated back-links to their clients sites were severely penalized for doing so with the Google Penguin and Panda updates in 2012. MyLocalSeoGuy uses a network of Web 2.0 buffer sites with high page rank to insulate your site from the massive number of automatic links that our automated software creates while still receiving many of the linking benefits passed through to your website. We find that this is the most effective technique for ranking a client’s site while allowing us to provide affordable seo.

Great search engine rankings are one of the best ways of having your business found on the internet. By investing in a quality affordable seo you can realize a much higher return on investment for your marketing dollar. By choosing our company your small business can climb the SEO ranks without paying a big business budget.

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